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Dreamplace Hotels& Resorts rewards the participation of customers in the online survey with a lottery drawing. The prize of the draw is a free stay in the respective hotel. 

Of all participants, a winner will be drawn, using a random computerized procedure, who will be awarded with a stay at the same hotel where the person had made the booking and enjoyed his/her stay. This stay will be of the same duration as the original stay but with a maximum of seven (7) nights. The board to be applied will be the same as that of the stay before and the room type will also be the same as the previous, original stay. In the case of special conditions that were requested at the time of the booking, for example, a couple who booked a double room with extra bed, these conditions will continue for the prize. Be aware that in the case of the customer modifying his/her stay in any way, once already checked in to the hotel accommodation for their original stay, the free stay the client will be awarded with, will be that of the same conditions as the original booking, prior to any changes that may have been made to the booking during the stay. With these terms, the prize will match the conditions of the original stay of the customer, referring to the occupation of the room, the board type, type of room and length of stay, unless it exceeds seven (7) nights. 

To ensure equal conditions for all participants, the winner of the free stay cannot win another prize in the form of a free stay as a result of the promotion related to the survey Your Sensations (Tus sensaciones) for a period of one year, counting from the moment they are announced as winner. 

The winner cannot change this prize for another; neither can they transfer this prize to third parties. The prize can only be used by the same client who booked the original stay, who had been staying in the hotel at the time of fulfilling the online survey, and who won the prize from the lottery drawing resulting in the form of a free stay. 

Under no circumstances is an organized and professionalized participation allowed, in which poses a threat to the purpose of the draw and the equality in participation conditions of all participants. Thus wise, Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts will void all participations that may have been affected by the aforementioned. Therefore assuming, those candidates who may have resulted as winners of the prize will be nullified, and the prize will become invalid for them to accept, and will pass to the first alternative candidate.


Only individuals aged 16 years or older, who have been staying in one of the hotels of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts and who filled in the online survey Your Sensations (Tus sensaciones) may participate in this draw. 

The participation will be implemented at the end of the online survey whereby one can indicate his/her name, email and data registered during his/her last stay at Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts. 

The participation in the survey and thus in the quarterly prize draw is free and can be completed through the use of the tablets of the company Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts or via the e-mail received from Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts. 

Neither staff of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts, nor their first degree relatives of consanguinity/affinity can participate in this draw.


The winners of the draw will be informed and communicated to via email. A free stay at Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts will be drawn as a prize that is intended to encourage the participation in the online survey Your Sensations (Tus sensaciones). The draw will be made once every three (3) months and among all the participants in the survey during this period of three (3) months. Therefore, the selection of the winner will be done at the beginning of the fourth month, the month after the 3 months included in the period of where the prize will be drawn. 

Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts will contact the winners to explain the timing and terms of perception of the award and request the required documentation, which have a maximum non-extendable period of fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of the first communication to send their information to the address indicated by email. After this period has finished and the winner has failed to supply the relevant data, they will not reserve any rights to claim the prize. And thus, the failure to meet deadlines set by the organizer will be reason enough to void the prize awarded, and the client’s rights to claim that prize will be lost. If the winner renounces the prize, it may require the acceptance or waiver to be in writing, by email. As well as Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts terminating the prize if it is granted the first of the alternates, or if the prize draw will be declared void.


Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the draw based on its own accord. Under no circumstances will the decision of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts affect the rights of participants who already may have been awarded with the prize. 

The prize must be used within a period no later than 365 days once contact has been made to the selected winner. In no event will the prize of the free stay at Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts be exchanged for its cash amount.


Participants who provide their personal details unequivocally consent the inclusion of their data into the personal data files, for which DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, S.L. with address Calle Alcalde Walter Paetzmann, CP 38670, Costa Adeje, Tenerife, España, is responsible. 

Dreamplace Hotels and Resorts reserve the right to verify the veracity of the information provided by the survey and therefore participants in the draw, and thus verify ages and identities of the winners prior to handing out the award.


a) The participation in the survey Your Sensations (Tus sensaciones) and its draw, implies the full and complete acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participants. In the case of possible doubts in the interpretation of these rules, the norm of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts will prevail. Any representation to the contrary, thus being, if participants do not accept them, the participant will be excluded from the competition. 

b) Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for any irregularities or defects in any of the routes used for participation that is not under their control and regulation. Contact information of the participants that is incomplete or confusing in any way, such as technical or human error that may occur in the processing units, will not be counted as valid for the purposes of promotion. 

c) Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to exclude participants who make fraudulent use of the means of participation in the survey. 

d) Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to modify these Rules if appropriate, justifiably and with the existence of circumstances that could affect the objectivity and transparency of the draw.

 e) Any issues that may arise and that are not reflected in these rules shall be resolved by Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts, according to their knowledge and best judgment.