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Important information about COVID-19


Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts’ priority are the security, safety and well-being of our customers and employees, therefore, we are adapted to the current legislation and with the aim of preserving our health.

In order to guarantee this objective, we are strictly following the established measures of the Spanish Institute of Tourist Quality (ICTE) for reducing any hygienic-sanitary risk of COVID-19, and the guidelines of World Health Organization.

On behalf of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts, thank you for your confidence in our company; we all continue working with the promise of providing any support and assistance needed.

We look forward to seeing you back very soon.


All the hotels of the chain join to the Turespaña (State Secretary for Tourism) seal.

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  • From the beginning of this health crisis around the world, we have worked on various protocols to guarantee our guests, staff, collaborators and suppliers the highest levels of safety and hygiene. That’s why Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts is joined to the Turespaña (Secretary of State for Tourism) seal, Responsible Tourism, which commits all our action to comply with the measures approved by ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The proof of this commitment, is this seal we want to share with everyone. 
  • Likewise, our priority is to be able to give and continue offering the same levels of services so the experience of our guests is not compromised by these protocols.
  • In addition to all the measures previously mentioned, our company has also introduced a special hygienic sanitary coverage plan with the Hospiten Group with the aim to guarantee: 
    • Special medical assistance for our customers if required 
    • Trip expenses and hospitalisation when required 
    • Health coverage to all clients if necessary 
    • Analysis and medical tests in case of clinical suspicion 
    • Analysis in our facilities to guarantee perfect and safe conditions
  • Also, the general hygienic sanitary measures COVID-19 subject to changes in order to guarantee security and implement the new guidelines provided by Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality and WHO.


We are currently working into developing the necessary tools to inform and raise awareness within our guests, as well as launching an informational programme for both customers and employees.

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  • Regulations of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands: It is essential to present a certificate demonstrating that you have undertaken a diagnostic test for active COVID-19 infection with a negative result or the vaccination certificate.
    • The test must have been taken within the last 72 hours.
    • The test must be approved by the healthcare authorities in the country of origin or by the European Union.
    • The certificate is compulsory for everyone over the age of twelve who wishes to stay at the hotel.
    • You may show a digital or hard copy certificate.
    • The certificate has to show the date and time of the test, it also has to declare the identity of the individual, the authorised centre responsible for the verification, and of course it has present a negative result.
    • The certificate will not be necesary if you prove (with your travel documentation) having been in Canary Islands in the last 15 days prior to your arrival at the hotel. You cannot have presented COVID-19 symptoms within this period.
    • This certificate will not be necessary if you are a Canarian resident and can also certify that you have not left the archipelago in the 15 days prior to arriving at the hotel. You cannot have presented COVID-19 symptoms within this period.
    • The hotel will deny access to anyone who does not comply with the above conditions. Except for overnight stays pending an undertaking the test.
    • We recommend that you download and keep active during your stay on the island, as well as the 15 days following your return to your country of origin, the RADAR COVID contagiom alert mobile application.
    • As an exception, we will provide you with details of the nearest authorised centre, and we will allow your access and overnight stay at the hotel for the necessary time to abtain the results of your test (after filling and signing a responsability form). Until then, you will not be allowed to leave your room.
  • PaperLess:
    • Remove any papers from the rooms and introduce a digital directory on the TV and WebAPP. Telematic invoice handling.
    • Services and restaurant menu through QR codes.
  • Redesign signs in order to inform our customers about the new uses and the need of maintaining the interpersonal distance.
  • Information before arrival: 
    • Prior to your arrival, you will receive an email with the access to the Pre-Arrival form through which you can manage your Check-In process.
  • Payment with credit card would be highly recommendable in order to prevent any interpersonal contact.


We have been working about these guidelines and recommendations with the aim to guarantee the required safety for our guests and employees.

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  • Our team is properly informed and updated about any relevant and scientifically verified information about the COVID-19, its prevention, reaction and treatment, as well as the updated recommendations and guidelines of the international and national organizations. 
  • Every team and team leader in our hotels are being constantly trained in hygienic and security procedures, and especially during this period, putting a special focus on viral infectious diseases, including Coronavirus. 
  • We have all adopted the obligatory regulations and measures for hotels in matters of health, prevention and response, in matters of reporting and levels of information, people gathering and circulation. In addition, we have implemented the necessary general operational standards for the hotel staff and corporative office employees. 
  • Furthermore, regarding our employees and their relation with the external suppliers, we apply the following measures: 
    • Frequent cleaning in the daily working areas and designing contingency plans in order to guarantee the health protection for our employees, who have been provided with individual protection equipments. 
    • Increasing the daily washing frequency of uniforms to more than 60 degrees guaranteeing disinfection. 
    • Our suppliers will make use of individual protection equipments when providing any external material, which will also be disinfected before entering our facilities.


Considering the unprecedented situation we are living at the moment, our utmost priority is taking care of you and your family, that is the reason why we make daily efforts so that you can all have the opportunity to enjoy a 100% safe careless vacation.

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  • Increasing the frequency of disinfection of common areas, private areas of the hotel and, especially, daily use spots (lobby, lifts, door handles, key rooms, etc.). 
  • Room disinfection: daily room disinfection paying special attention to the areas which are more exposed to frequent contact, carried out by our cleaning team who has been properly equipped and trained. Moreover, prior to the check in of new guests, our team will make a deep disinfection and ventilation in order to guarantee the optimal conditions of the room, paying special attention to the disinfection of exposed objects such as telephones, TV remote controls, handles, taps, etc. 
  • Due to increasing the levels of cleaning, disinfection and ventilation in our rooms, check-in and check-out schedules will become more flexible for the safety of our guests. 
  • Dry-cleaning elements will be removed: all type of fabric objects from the lobby/hall, surfaces hard to clean or disinfect. In the rooms we will remove as well elements such as carpets, play stations, etc., and every bin in our hotel will have a hermetic automatic cover. 
  • Increasing the cleaning frequency inside lifts and common restrooms, more than 6 times a day. In the restrooms you will also find paper dispensers for drying your hands instead of towels even of individual use. 
  • Regarding the room cleaning, disinfection of manipulable elements, such as remote controls, telephone, door handles or curtains will be reinforced and the necessary time between room disinfection and a new customer arrival will be granted: 
    • Single use cleaning material per room, sheets and blankets properly protected in cases. 
    • Guests will not be allowed to stay inside the room during the cleaning service. 
    • Laundry procedures: laundry protocol established in the laundry area during the customer stay and after their check out in order to prevent any cross contamination.


We have put our biggest commitment in every protocol so that you can enjoy your stay with total safety and health security throughout every facility.

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  • Redesign in the common areas to guarantee the recommended security distance. 
  • Reschedule the service to guarantee the capacity and security distance of our customers. In addition, some facilities and services may be temporarily unavailable, or only available on certain days of the week. 
  • We will install protection screens in different areas of the hotel, such as Reception or restaurant counters. Implementing the use of hand sanitizers in common areas; every customer will receive upon arrival a prevention kit with mask (obligatory use in common areas), gloves and gel. 
  • Restaurant areas: 
    • Buffet through protection screens with individual portions or mono-dose, offering a wide variety of dishes and optimizing not only the assistance, but reducing to the most the leftovers. 
    • Common use elements, such as oil bottles, will be substituted. 
  • Solarium and pool area: 
    • Redistribution of sun loungers in order to keep social distancing legally required. 
    • Constant disinfection of mattresses and loungers, sealing those which are properly disinfected so that our customers can easily find them.
  • Spas and massages:
    • These services will be enabled by appointment and limited capacity.
  • Babyclubs will remain inactive until further notice. 
  • Information on the new regulations on smoking in common spaces:  
    • Smoking will only be allowed in establishments if they have areas specially enabled for it and in pool and solarium areas if the minimum distance of two meters can be respected. Smoking will be allowed on the terraces and balconies of the rooms.
* Required by law and by regulation, some details may not be made available to guests.


We would like to reach you in the best way to transmit you first hand the information about your booking and our hotels.

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  • Cancellation or changes policy: Given the exceptional circumstances nowadays, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this sanitary crisis may have caused on you or your loved ones, and let you know about the measures we have adopted in our cancellation and changes policy to offer our clients a new rate that can be modified on dates to adapt to the current situation.
  • Re-opening: Our daily efforts are focused into guaranteeing the protocols so that the re-opening of our facilities does not provoke any health risk. As long as the authorities in every country eliminate the limitations and restrictions in the circulation of their citizens, we will re-open our hotels with great pleasure and welcome you back. In the exceptional event that we feel obliged to modify the re-opening date, all customers with a booking will be relocated in another hotel of the same or higher category at the same destination, the guests will be advised up to 48 hours prior arrival.