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The purpose of this document (“Legal Notice”) is to establish and regulate the use of the website www.dreamplacehotels.com (the “Site”), understanding by Site all the pages and their contents owned by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, S.L. (“DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS”) which are accessed via the domain www.dreamplacehotels.com and its sub-domains. Through this Site, DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS seeks to offer information to its customers and potential customers, manage the customer loyalty program, manage the reservation of rooms, and any other service that it deems pertinent for the appropriate implementation of its corporate purpose.

The use of this Site, and of the services offered herein, by a third party implies full acceptance, without reservation, of all the general terms of this Legal Notice (the “General Terms”). In this regard, the user shall be deemed to be the person who accesses, browses, uses or participates in the services and activities, free of charge and for a consideration, developed on the Site (the “User” or “You”). 

Accessing this Site implies the knowledge and acceptance of the General Terms, and therefore DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS recommends that You print or download them and read them carefully each time You access the Site. 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS may offer, via the Site, services or products that may be subject to their own specific conditions which, where applicable, may replace, complete and/or modify these terms, in relation to which the User will be informed in each specific case. 

The User’s access to the Site is free and for no consideration. However, some of the services and contents offered by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS via the Site may be subject to the prior subscription to the service or product in the manner set out in the specific terms, in which event, clear and accurate information shall be made available to the User on the price of the product or service and the taxes applicable.


The owner of the domain name www.dreamplacehotels.com is DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, S.L. with registered office in Tenerife, at calle Alcalde Walter Paetzmann, 38670; registered at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Commercial Registry, page no. 1,375, entry 1, sheet no. 9, volume 174, book no. 74, section 2, with CIF B-38.039.145. 

You can contact us at the e-mail marketing2@dreamplacehotels.com 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, has all the necessary licenses and authorizations to provide tourist accommodation and restaurant services in all its hotels or non-hotel establishments, which it owns or has leased or administers.


You undertake to use this Site and all the services made available in accordance with the law in force and this Legal Notice. You also undertake not to use the Site, its services and contents for unlawful, unauthorized or fraudulent purposes and/or contrary to the purposes established in this Legal Notice, that may damage third parties’ rights and/or interests or which may in any way damage or prevent its correct functioning or that of the services offered on the Site or which may be offered in the future. 

You also undertake not to destroy, alter, disable or in any way damage the data, programs or electronic documents and others on this Site. 

You also undertake not to block access by other users to the access service through the massive use of the IT resources via which the Site owner provides the services and not to engage in acts that damage, disrupt or generate errors in such systems. 

The User undertakes not to install programs, virus, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters which cause, or are capable of causing any type of alteration to the Site owner’s or third-party IT systems. 

Should you wish to include comments or opinions on the Site you should bear in mind that: 

  • You will be fully liable for the content and opinions reflected and DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, which may not necessarily share your opinions, will be released from all liability. 
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If in order to use the Site and/or subscribe to a service, You need to register, You will be responsible for providing accurate and lawful information. If as a result of registration You are given a password, You undertake to use it diligently and to keep it secret in order to access these services. The User is therefore responsible for safeguarding and keeping confidential any identifiers and/or passwords provided by the Site and undertakes not to assign its use to third parties, either temporarily or permanently, or allow access to third parties. 

You are liable for the unlawful use of the services by any unlawful third party that uses a password for these purposes due to your non-diligent use or loss of the password. 

Pursuant to the above, You must immediately notify the Site managers, at the e-mail address marketing2@dreamplacehotels.com or by sending a notice to the following address: calle Alcalde Walter Paetzmann, CP 38.670, Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain; of any event that enables the password to be used unduly, such as theft, loss, or unauthorized access to the password, in order to cancel it immediately. Until those events are notified, DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS shall be released from any liability arising from the undue use of passwords by unauthorized third parties.



El acceso a esta Web es responsabilidad exclusiva del Usuario. Los riesgos derivados de la utilización de la Web por el Usuario será a su único y exclusivo cargo. 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS no será responsable de los daños o perjuicios que se pudieran derivar de interferencias, omisiones, interrupciones, virus informáticos, averías telefónicas o desconexiones en el funcionamiento operativo de este sistema electrónico, motivadas por causas ajenas a DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS; de retrasos o bloqueos en el uso del presente sistema electrónico causados por deficiencias o sobrecargas en su Centro de Proceso de Datos, de líneas telefónicas, en el sistema de Internet o en otros sistemas electrónicos; ni tampoco de daños que puedan se causados por terceras personas mediante intromisiones ilegítimas fuera de control de DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS. 

Asimismo, se exonera a DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS de responsabilidad ante cualquier daño o perjuicio que pudiera sufrir el Usuario como consecuencia de errores, defectos u omisiones, en la información facilitada por DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS siempre que proceda de fuentes ajenas. 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS está facultada para suspender temporalmente, y sin previo aviso, el acceso a la Web con motivo de operaciones de mantenimiento, reparación, actualización o mejora.


The information that appears on the Site is the information in force on the date that it was last updated, so we recommend that You print or download and read it carefully each time your access the Site. DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS reserves the right to update, amend, or eliminate the information on this Site, and may limit or prevent access to the Site. DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS reserves the right to make, at any time, any changes it deems advisable and may do so at any time without prior notice.


DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS shall make the utmost effort and use reasonable means to provide updated and accurate information on the Site. However, it does not guarantee the absence of errors or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in the content accessible via this Site.

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS shall not be liable for the content, commercial activities, products and services included that may be visible by links, directly or indirectly, via this Site. That is, DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS shall not be liable for the content of other websites that it does not own which may be accessed via a link, since it is not able to supervise the legality of the content of same. The User is therefore recommended, at its own risk, to print or download and read carefully the General Terms of the third parties that offer their services via the Site each time that they subscribe to same. 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS reserves the right to prohibit or prevent access to the Site by Users that include any content that is contrary to legal provisions or immoral, and reserves the right to exercise the legal measures it deems appropriate to avoid this type of conduct.


DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS makes every effort to ensure that your browsing experience is under the best conditions, and avoid any damage that may be caused during same. 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to Users, due to the use of other browsers or different versions of the browser for which the Site has been designed. 

DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS shall not be liable and does not guarantee that access to this Site will not be interrupted or contains no errors. Neither shall it be liable for or guarantee that the content or software that may be accessed via this Site, contains no errors or causes damage.


General terms and reservation procedure 

By subscribing to the reservation service offered by the Site, You are accepting in full, without reservations, all of the General Terms (which are deemed to be automatically included in the agreement with DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, without the need for a written transcription) contained in the latest updated version. Therefore, as indicated above, You are recommended to print or download them and read them carefully each time You access the Site. 

When carrying out the reservation, You must provide your personal details (name and address*, gender*, country*, e-mail* and/or telephone number-) , and your credit card details (type of card*, credit card number*, expiry date* and CVV number*) solely in order to guarantee your reservation. By submitting personal details in any of the following transaction processes, You are authorizing DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS to use and process the personal data provided in order to make the reservation on the terms indicated in point 10 below. You are informed that the personal details provided when making a reservation shall be disclosed to the destination hotel, in order to manage the reservation and ensure that it is made. 

When using the service, after introducing your data, the reservation will be confirmed via the Site with your reservation code and a screen will appear with detailed information of the reservation. An e-mail confirming the reservation, which contains detailed information will be sent to the e-mail address You have provided. The electronic transaction will end and You will be deemed to have engaged the reservation service, following receipt of the confirmatory e-mail. 

Information in relation to the reservation and confirmation of same will be recorded by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS and will be accessible. 

The User is informed that it may make the reservation in the following languages: 

  • Spanish. 
  • English. 
  • German.
  • Russian. 

Finally, You may correct the data provided to DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS by contacting the Site managers at the e-mail address marketing2@dreamplacehotels.com or customer service phone number 922 97 09 70. Specific conditions on rates, service payment methods and cancellations The specific conditions on rates and also information on taxes, applicable charges, payment methods and cancellation policies are included in the "Conditions on Rates and Cancellation Policy" in the reservation section of the Site. 

The Conditions on Rates and Cancellation Policy of the hotel chain vary according to the rates and special offers. Consequently DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS recommends that you read carefully, print out or download the terms before making the reservation.


DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS may authorize third parties to advertise or provide their services via the Site. In those cases, DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS will not be responsible for establishing the general or specific terms on the use and provision of, or subscription to those services by third parties and therefore cannot be held liable for same.


Simply visiting the Site does not mean that the User is obliged to provide personal details. Should You provide personal information, the data collected on this Site will be used for the purpose, in the manner and with the limitations and rights contained in Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999 (“LOPD”) within the context of Spanish legislation. You can read our privacy policy at the following link: [®]


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Podrá conocer nuestra política de “cookies” en el siguiente enlace: http://www.dreamplacehotels.com/es/nuestra-politica-de-cookies/26.html


DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS declares that unless indicated otherwise on the Site, the texts, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video segments, sound segments and other materials found on the Site and any other intellectual creations and/or inventions or scientific and technical discoveries, irrespective of their business or industrial application (jointly the “Content”) have been created or invented by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS or assigned, licensed, transferred or authorized by the latter to their owners and/or assignees. 

You undertake not to delete or alter any distinctive sign used on the Site, such as, without limitation, trademarks, trade names (devices, logos, etc.), the “copyright” and other data identifying the rights of DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS and/or third party owners included on the Site. You undertake not to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, transform or modify the Content of the Site portal, without the owner’s authorization or the relevant rights or prior authorization of DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS. DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS also owns all rights in works, inventions, discoveries, patents, ideas, concepts, updates and the improvements related to the Site, its systems, applications and programs or to the services provided by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS which are created, performed, developed or implemented for the first time by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS, alone or with the help of Site Users, during or as a result of a design, development or any other task pursuant to the Agreement. 

The User may not use the name or the trademarks, symbols, logos or distinctive signs owned by DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS without its express consent in writing.


The rules of use set out in this Legal Notice are governed by Spanish law. DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of [®], unless applicable legislation at any time prevents the parties from submitting to a specific jurisdiction. 

All personal data marked * are compulsory and essential to provide the service pursuant to article 7 of Decree 142/2010, of October 4, 2010 approving the Regulations on Tourist Accommodation.