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Dream Gran Castillo Resort 5*
Merlin Room

Merlin Room

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Welcome to the most magical rooms of the Dream Gran Castillo Hotel.

Here, all the kids who come and stay… end up as princesses, fairies, sorcerers and brave princes.

We have adapted some of our Premium double rooms to make your next family holiday unforgettable. We maintain the elegance and comfort of the master bedroom, while the children’s room is totally equipped for a perfect stay. The walls, the games, will have the kids wanting to stay forever.

The large 62 m2 rooms feature a master bedroom with twin beds, a children’s room partitioned by sliding doors, a fully equipped bathroom with jet massage shower and a magnificent terrace overlooking the surroundings of our Dream Gran Castillo Resort 5*.

Moreover, if you book this room a free daily ticket per child to our 5D cinema is included.

Merlin Room

Merlin Room

The Merlin rooms are very spacious. The carefully selected children’s furniture and décor, inspired in the world of Camelot, make them the ideal place to let your children’s imagination fly.

Toys, games according to ages, Welcome pack… and much, much more!

Our exclusive Merlin rooms accommodate families of up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Don’t wait any longer and book now!