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Dream Gran Castillo Resort 5*
Vitanova Spa in Lanzarote

Vitanova Spa in Lanzarote

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Located in an exceptional spot in Lanzarote, Vitanova Spa-Wellness Centre is something more than a spa.

Discover the pleasure of pampering yourself and regaining your strength with our treatments.

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Our centre consists of three different areas:

  1. Spa Circuit

    Here we have a hydro massage pool, contrast foot bath, plunge pool, ice fountain, sauna, Turkish bath and different contrast showers.

  2. Treatment Area

    Here you can enjoy massages, body care, facial treatments and hairstyling.

  3. Petit Spa

Spa for kids, because they, too, want to relax and forget about their homework, exams, early rising, cold weather and monotony.

Always accompanied by their father or mother, the Spa circuit is adapted to their age, and offers manicures and pedicures so they can be the epitome of elegance at the pool. Because being a Princess in the Gran Castillo hotel is veeeeery hard work!!! It is open from noon to 2 p.m.

Petit Spa

All this with the guarantee of a team of therapists with proven experience in the 5* wellness sector, making your visit to the Vitanova Spa an unforgettable experience.

Spa Opening hours Spa Gran Castillo

Opening times: 12 noon - 8 p.m. Subject to change according to occupancy or season.

Don't hesitate, come and visit our Vitanova Spa centre.

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