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Its weather, its landscapes with crystal clear water, its volcanic geography with spectacular moonlike scenery and its impressive subterranean tunnels make of it, one of the most stunning places on Earth.

In fact, Lanzarote is a really small island with only 55 km of length. However, millions of people come here every year. Like all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a volcanic island which is blessed with little rain and sunny weather all year long.

For this reason, you may enjoy Lanzarote during the summer as much as in winter. Its landscape which was transformed by the 18th century’s eruptions will surprise you. Some people describe it as an absolutely amazing panorama. We advise you not to use the public transport, but rent a car to discover this island, as this is the best way to travel across Lanzarote.

The laws in Lanzarote are extremely strict regarding constructions, this is the reason why the buildings are not very high.

Most of people land at Arrecife Airport, located in the south, beside the charming village of Puerto del Carmen. Lanzarote is only a 3-4 hours flight away. At present there are several tour operators who offer to take you to this paradise at a low cost. You will regret not having visited this fabulous place earlier, we assure you!!

The most popular beaches are situated in the south area. Among them, we point out the beach of Playa Blanca´s, in which surroundings are the biggest tourist towns. Here you will find a wide choice of relaxing and entertainment activities and the imposing: HOTEL DREAM GRAN CASTILLO***** , a seafront hotel that will captivate your senses and which fascinates for its excellent location, close to everything you need, beside the beautiful beach promenade.

Going for walk along Playa Blanca´s sea front, around the old part of town, you will find any kind of restaurants, shops y bars. Another interesting tourist site is the marina, plenty of quality services and recently built port facilities. In this area you will also find a new shopping mall.

Regarding the beaches, we have to mentione the tourist Playa Dorada and Playa Flamingo, endless beaches of fine and white sand very close to the main hotels in this area.

But, Papagayo´s Beaches really take the prize. Some charming little bays of fine white sand which will delight their visitors. They are thought by many people to be the most beautiful beaches in Spain. There is quite a steep slope to get down to the beach itself so leave heavy items behind.The Papagayo beaches lie in the middle of a Natural Reserve (entrance 3 €). The waters are incredibly inviting and ideal for snorkelling and swimming. This is the sort of scenery postcards are made of, so be sure to have your camera with you.

Only a few minutes away from Playa Blanca there are some of the most emblematic places on the island, like the National Park of Timanfaya, La Geria, Las Salinas de Janubio, El Golfo (La Laguna verde), Los Hervideros or the charming village of Yaiza. You can also visit the village of Las Breñas, from where you will get an impressive panoramic view of Playa Blanca with Fuerteventura in the background.

From Playa Blanca you may board the ferry and head off to the close island of Fuerteventura.

With a boat leaving almost every hour, you can enjoy this short trip, (25-35 minutes), depending on the ferry you choose and sample the delights of Fuerteventura. The enormous beaches of Corralejo with its white dunes and crystal clear water will make your holiday in Lanzarote much more productive.

As we were saying, the best way to explore the island is by renting a car. It will allow you to move easily and visit that beaches and caves which public transport does not reach. In Lanzarote the beaches range from black sand to splendid white sand beaches. The black sand is due to the volcanic island’s past.

There are many things to do and see in Lanzarote, from the Wine Museum to the San José Casttle. This castle now houses a restaurant and a Modern Art Gallery. It is bit of a surreal place, because it counts with military artefacts in whole the building and its surroundings. Another obligated visit in Lanzarote is its Aquarium, the biggest in the Canary Islands, which count with almost all types of marine species.

Other tourist attractions in Lanzarote are:

Guinate Tropical Park, a popular family park close to the “Corona Vulcan Park”, with exotic animals and birds in.
Rancho Texas Park, is always popular from tourists in Lanzarote. You will be able to see a variety of attractions ranging from authentic indian tippies, a gold mine, crocodiles, large eagles, bird of prey shows or sea lions. You will have also the opportunity to paddle a canoe or riding a pony.
National Timanfaya Park, plenty of native plants and wild life, with a volcanic scenery and steaming geysers.
Los Jameos del Agua, like the Cueva de los Verdes, are located inside of volcanic tunnel shaped by the “Volcán de la Corona” eruption. Jameo is a native word wich describes a part of a volcanic tube, from which its roof has been come down due to the gas accumulation, generating a day light hole cave. Inside there, also exists a natural lagoon of clear water. From Los Jameos it is possible to access to the Casa de los Volcanes built at the end of 80´s. It is one of the most important volcanic interpretation Centers in the world. It is recommended to visit Los Jameos del Agua at night, the perfect illumination gives it an intimate touch which allows to enjoy placidly the harmonic relation between the art and the nature. It is also a very entertaining place, with traditional musical shows and an excellent restaurant service.

Image. Cueva de Los Verdes. Big caves, once used by its cave-dwellers as refuge to hide from pirates invasions in Lanzarote.

 • El Golfo, is a natural amphitheatre open to the sea which was shaped from the volcanic eruptions of 1730. The lagoon, which fills the base of this semicircular crater, is a result of flooding, and its green colour is from the algae that inhabit its waters. This lake has been declared a Natural Reserve which prohibits bathing.
Cetaceans Museum, situated in Puerto Calero, it has been the first museum specialized exclusively in cetaceans in Spain, it is a very important investigation center, with in-depth information on the life of dolphins and whales.
Discover one of the most important collections in Europe – the result of more than 20 years of research on the whales and dolphins of the Canaries.
The visitor will be submerged in an ocean environment in order to learn about the characteristics and habits of these marvellous creatures through images, sounds, life size reproductions, scale models and other natural artefacts.
Specialized guides will lead the visitor through the secrets and curiosities of the life and habitat of these interesting mammals.
Grifo, Wine Museum, gives tourists a real taste of island history,as well as a fascinating insight into the unique methods of viniculture employed on Lanzarote. It is housed in the oldest bodega in the Canary Islands – dating back to 1775, located in the region of San Bartolomé in Lanzarote.
The Cesar Manrique Foundation has converted itself into the custodian of the works of this artistic genius, Cesar Manrique, who gave his name to the foundation. It is one of the most important art galleries in Lanzarote, with many works of remarkably artists, like Manrique and Picasso.
Aquapark Costa Teguise: Located next to the Golf course in Costa Teguise, it is the one and only Aqua Park in Lanzarote. This fabulous Aquapark offers a wide range of slides and pools and is an ideal day out for of all ages. It will be fun for all the family. .
Mirador del Rio: Belonging to the locality of Haría and situated exactly at the peak of the Famara Cliff at a height of 470m, the Mirador del Río can be found at the place where once was situated the " Batería del Río ". It offers magnificent views of the canary archipelago.
Jardín de Cactus: Situated near Guatiza village along the road to Mala. Very easy to find thank to a cactus sculpture of 8mt made by Manrique. This famous Cactus Garden is one of the islands hottest attractions all year round.
This spectacular botanical garden shelters about 10,000 types of cactus from more than 1,400 distinct species originating from America, Madagascar and the Canaries.
The Cactus Garden was the last work of César Manrique and was finished in Lanzarote in 1991.

Thanks to César Manrique, artist and very famous architect who was born in this island in 1919, at present there are no buildings of great tall on the island and the advertising signs are prohibited.

So, if you are looking for a place where to find not only sun and beaches, but also lovely landscapes and the possibility to practise active sports on a charming wild island, Lanzarote is simply the perfect destination for a sunny getaway during the whole year.

 ¿Now, what are you waiting for?

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