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I went to the Spa and disconnected completely

28.05.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments
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Last Sunday I decided to go to the Spa Vitanova and check out the experience that our Dream Gran Tacande 5* guests enjoy. I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect to relax so completely and be able to focus on the inner me. Before the visit, I was planning on writing a more descriptive piece on the Spa but after the experience, I feel it is more interesting to give you an insight on the feelings and sensations that I felt while I was there.

The music, the smell of incense, the environment, the facilities, the quiet and encouraging staff ... all combined to relax body and mind.

I started to disconnect from the moment I walked in. I Relaxed in the hot tub for about 15 minutes and got lost in the whirlpools.

I enjoyed all the waterjets and I felt like my body was completely distended.

Without realising it, the Spa immerses you in tranquility and invites you to just think about absolutely nothing.

I tried the different rooms with different temperatures.

The Turkish and Roman baths, where I felt like my skin was cleaned. Calm, serenity and stillness in the perfect environment for undisturbed tranquility.

Throughout my experience I felt the temperature changes of the different pools, showers and rooms, perfect to get the blood circulating.

The experience was fantastic.

I want to go back… right now actually.

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