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Promotional Codes: The same holiday, DIFFERENT price

12.06.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments
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At Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts we reward you when you book directly with us through our website dreamplacehotels.com This means that we usually have some type of special Promotional Code on offer for the hotel you are looking for. In this post we’ll explain step-by-step how to use these Codes so that you can always enjoy the best possible deal.

So let’s take a look at what you have to do. We’ll use the Promotional Code on our special offer. Use the promo code on our "A 5 star May & June" offer: MJ15DP

In this case, the Promotional Code lets you enjoy 15% off your stay in June in our 5-star hotels: Dream Gran Tacande 5* in Tenerife or Dream Gran Castillo Resort 5* in Lanzarote.

How to use a Promotional Code

STEP 1 - The "Make a Reservation" box

Locate the "Make a Reservation" box at the top left of any page on dreamplacehotels.com.

STEP 2 - Enter the Promotional Code

Select the hotel you want and the dates you want to stay, then introduce the Promotional Code MJ15DP in the box marked "Promotional Code".

STEP 3 - Search

Click "Search" to view available rooms on selected dates.

STEP 4 - Discount applied!

As we see in the picture below the discount has already been applied. You just have to...

Book and come and stay!!


If you've been searching for prices and room availability and you’ve come across a Promotional Code later on in the booking process, you can still enjoy our best prices.

In the image below, you can see that you have a further opportunity to enter the Promotional Code.  Just type it in the indicated box and click "Search Again”.

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