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Javier Gómez, head of the reception at our Gran Tacande 5*

14.03.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments
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 1 Javier Gomez, head of the Gran Tacande receptionWhy did you decide to become a receptionist?
I was always clear on the fact that taking care of clients and helping them is what suits me. Additionally, I like languages and I am good at it. In this profesion, I speak them constantly. The best part of all is to organize. As head of the reception, I am responsable of the coordination, from the assignation of the rooms and the wishes of the clients up to my own reception team.
 2 Which education did you receive to qualify for the job you now work in?
A few years ago, I studied tourism. I hardly remember, but what I keep in mind is a good memory. It was the basis of my entrance in the world of tourism. Later on, I attended several language courses and lived in different countries. Without any doubt, this taught me some lessons and prepared me for the professional life.
 3 Where and how did you receive your first employment?
Honestly, my first job was delivering pizza
in Santa Cruz. I spent all day on the motorcycle going from one place to another. Of course, this had nothing to do with the reception.
 4 How many clients are usually taken care of through the reception in one day?
Well plenty... During a fully booked day, recently almost every day, we have around 60 arrivals and 60 departure. That means, there are about 300 people served at the reception desk. In addition, we take care of every client with any type of concern. We always do everything we can to help.
 5 What are your professional objectives?
First of all, to accomplish the annual objective of the company.
But thinking ahead, to do everything I can to develop professionally.
 6 How many years do you already work in the reception?
Between 10 and 12 years... I still remember my first day as assistant in the reception of Gran Tacande!
 7 What was your way so far within the chain of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts?
In 2005, I started as assistant at the reception of Gran Tacande.
After 2,5 years, we decided that I go to the reception of our Dream Gran Castillo 5*. Lanzarote was a great opportunity for me. Within the 5,5 years there, I became head of the reception.
 8 Something funny out of your everyday life
Some clients ask for Spanish words and we teach them, but in our own way. You ask them "¿Qué tal estás?" and they answer "chachi".



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