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Exactly what you think!

07.04.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments
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Share your opinion with usIn this week's post we'll see what you think of our Noelia Sur 4 * Tenerife and will entertain you with your own comments taken from  Tripadvisor

Most are positive but we think you have to listen to everyone to be able to improve so we’ve included a bit of the negative with the positive.

Many of the reviews mention our staff, have a read.

" Laura and Aitor . Good choice " by Laura U
And especially to emphasize the fantastic team in the dining room - kitchen super friendly and very professional , the treatment has been excellent. All the waiters and Ivan and the head waiter in particular made dinner a great experience, along with Remus and his fellow Basque ( Getxo ) cooks have made us spend a few super fun times.
They are a good team and a good hotel.

"A deal absolutely off the charts" by Ivan R
From here my most sincere congratulations to waiter service terrace pool bar, specifically Yara the best waitress around the hotel, always smiling and cheering up the bar, and professionalism on par with its beauty.

Remus appears in many comments as you can see on Tripadvisor . He is responsible for live cooking and builds a great rapport with the guests.

A part from him, all the kitchen staff get great recognition from you. Here is a selection of your comments and along with a couple of lines about the cuisine of our hotel.

" My Noelia , mmm my food " by Roxamasa
For years, we always go to Noelia to get away ... Just keep congratulating the kitchen staff because the food is excellent and better every year. There is always variety and quality and that is what I value most in a hotel...

"It's like our second home " by Maite L
The restaurant, run by Fran, has greatly improved the buffet as it has a touch of innovation to dishes that make them more sophisticated and suggestive with many proposals and varieties for all tastes and palates.
The treatment of the staff, in general, very satisfactory but the restaurant is outstanding.
See you again , next year ... for sure.

Our Hotel Manager, Cristina Aguiar, has many positive reviews but we’d like to highlight a "different" thread we found on the web...

The commentary shows customer appreciation and satisfaction with all the services and facilities of the hotel. However, they drop a line dedicated to Cristina.

"Cool vacation!" by by Viky M


..... however have to highlight a negative point, and I hope it will be taken into account ... The hotel manager always seemed to be angry ... a smile from time to time does not hurt anyone! ....


We must apologise, Cristina had a bad day! In fact, the guest ends his post saying he will return to the hotel.

Moving on we would like to share with you two comic reviews we've found and and a great story by one of our older guests that will leave you rolling in the aisles.

"If paradise exists then it is surely in Las Americas, Tenerife, and of course, this hotel." by Valentin R, Okay, we’re good, but not that good.

“estupendito” by Lore S. We appreciate the love put in the comment.

And finally, this great comment from a guest who recently stayed with us. But before, please share your opinions with us on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter o Google +!

“I'm 85 you know.”
5 of 5 starsReviewed

I stayed at the Noelia Sur in February for a couple of weeks. As usual, my old hag of a wife did her best to ruin my holiday by coming with me. We flew with Thomson, which was pretty standard and uneventful, although we had a very bumpy landing, which frightened my dearest half to death - good try Captain. Let´s hope you succeed next time.

The hotel itself was very nice indeed, very clean and in a good location. Check in was quick and in English, the best one out of all the languages. We were even given a welcoming glass of bubbly which was vintage £1.99 HyperDino own brand, lovely after a long days travel, especially at my age. I'm 87 you know.

The hotel is very compact and designed in a horse-shoe shape (like a letter U if you struggle to visualise a horse shoe) which means that a lot of rooms are permanently in the shade. We requested a room with a pool view which -to be fair- we did get in one respect, although what we actually had was a view of the pool belonging to the building next door, so don´t forget to add the words 'of the hotel I am staying in' when you make your pool view request.

Like others, we did find a problem getting some English channels on TV and that made me cry. I cried and cried and wept and wept. I sobbed and sobbed and bawled and wailed. Then I remembered there are starving and homeless people in the world and here I was on holiday in the sunshine, with people running round looking after me, cooking my dinner, doing my washing up and making my bed for me. This brought me to my senses. Then I saw a cracked tile in the bathroom and the grouting had gone a bit grubby and I started crying again. Like a baby that had lost its dummy.

The food was blumming smashing with plenty of choice in the evenings, everything was nice and hot too. There were even English sausages for breakfast every day which is quite unusual and definitely a plus point. The only thing I didn't like was that the tables are packed in very, very close together and as a consequence the German man on the next table kept staring at my sausage when I put it on the table. Mind you, I did sneak a peek at his wifes melons when he wasn't looking.

The hotel entertainment was OK. The Beatles tribute were good but The Eagles would have been better if they got rid of England manager Roy Hodgson as the lead singer. And played less songs by the Eagles.
I did not see the Robbie Williams act but I was told he did NOT behave like an annoying little prat, so he can´t have been very accurate at all.

All the staff were terrific, the receptionists, bar staff and waiters were very friendly indeed and the cleaners and the animation girls' legs were grrrrrrreat. It doesnt hurt to look. Even at my age, I'm 91 you know.

We did not get a problem with mosquitoes but my wife encountered a large cockroach on the balcony one evening. Such was the shock of coming face to face with one of the most repulsive creatures on Gods earth, that the cockroach had a heart attack and died instantly. My wife was unhurt. Very sad.

So all in all, I recommend this hotel for the reasons what I have written above.


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