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Salmon with vegetables

16.05.2013 | Posted by: Miriam Pla | Filed under Gastronomy | no comments
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Onion, a splash of brandy cream, fish broth, a chopped fuji apple (we also can use another type of apple, but the soft and acid flavor of this variety is very good in the sauce), red pepper, courgette, onion, carrot, spinach leaves… in final any seasonable vegetable. We cut them into thin strips, season it with a little bit of oil and sauté it a little over low heat.

Spread the fillet of salmon on a plate with butter, salt and pepper and bake it at 175ºc for about 13 minutes, very important to place the salmon flesh in contact with the plate and the skin upwards (the oven has to be hot before putting the salmon)

For the sauce: fry the finely chopped onion with apple dip and with the fish broth, add a dash of brandy and finally the cream. Give a touch of salt and white pepper.

Final and presentation as in the picture: place vegetables in the bottom of the dish, then the salmon to be part of the skin wound to discover the meat, salt a bit and ready, the orange fruit is a physalis and we sprinkled some chives.

Very delicious!!!!

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