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Balibeds… from Indonesia to the Gran Castillo Resort

23.09.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments

Dream Gran Castillo



What is a Balibed?


An outdoor bed with a canopy for at least two people.

The Balibed has its origins on the island of Bali. Bali is 5,700km2 and is right next to the island of Java where Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, can be found.


... is the nation with the most Muslims in the world.
... is made up of 17,508 islands!
... has a population of more than 237 million people.
... is the 4th most populous country in the world.
... the name “Indonesia” comes from the latin Indus, which means “India” and the Greek neseos which means “island”.

Bali beds in the Dream Gran Castillo Resort 5*

From November 1st you will be able to enjoy 3 different adult only areas with Balibeds at the Gran Castillo. Just another excuse to lie back and relax with us.

Plus, while you relax your mind and body, you can also enjoy the following services we offer directly at your (Bali)bedside:

  • Magazines
  • International press
  • Fresh fruit
  • A glass of Champagne
  • Beer bucket
  • Bottle of Moët Chandon

Come and see us soon!


Bali, Indonesia.


Choose your gift!

29.07.2014 | Posted by: Miriam Pla | Filed under News | no comments

Customise your holidays in September to suit you. We treat you to one of our three options: romantic, relaxing or adventure pack, to make them an unforgettable experience. We explain HOW to obtain this gift and make your next stay in Dream Gran Tacande 5* truly special.

Why your family is important to you

10.07.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments

In Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts your concerns and priorities are also ours.

We want your family holiday to be as special as you deserve. And we are not just talking about you but your children as well. After a hectic school year full of exams, sports, extracurricular activities, friends ... the little ones also need to find time to disconnect and have fun.

¡1, 2, 3... 10.000 fans!

25.06.2014 | Posted by: Ariana Mayoral | Filed under News | no comments

Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts already has 10.000 fans on Facebook. We are delighted that you follow us and that you are interested in our profile. In order to thank you we have created a special contest for you. Of course with a gift: A 5 NIGHT stay in our Hotel Dream Noelia Sur 4 * for 2 persons.

Promotional Codes: The same holiday, DIFFERENT price

12.06.2014 | Posted by: Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts | Filed under News | no comments

At Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts we reward you when you book directly with us through our website dreamplacehotels.com This means that we usually have some type of special Promotional Code on offer for the hotel you are looking for. In this post we’ll explain step-by-step how to use these Codes so that you can always enjoy the best possible deal.

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