Let's go dress up!
Dragons, Princesses, Kings, Castles, Towers, Swords, Sorcerers, Frogs that turn into Princes and Fairies. Welcome to Castleland, Dream Gran Castillo Hotel's special realm for kids. A large area of the hotel decorated to create the world of Camelot, where children will find an array of activities by age group, such as swimming pools with slides, a restaurant, a large playground, a club for older kids and a baby club for the youngest. And there's a 5D cinema coming by the end of the year.
Here, everyone will have fun playing and imagining that they are in a truly unique land. And to start with, there's nothing like dressing up as a Prince or Princess for the day.
Merlin Rooms
Really magical rooms
Welcome to the most magical rooms of Dream Gran Castillo Hotel.
Here, girls and boys become Princesses, Fairies, Sorcerers and brave Princes who have just won a hard battle against a dragon with enormous claws.

The Merlin rooms are very spacious. The carefully selected children’s furniture and décor, inspired in the world of Camelot, convert these rooms into the ideal place for your kids to let their imaginations run wild. And because we think of everything in Dream Gran Castillo Hotel, we also have an especially decorated area for adults, so you can join your children in their games without feeling overwhelmed by so much ‘fantasy’!!

Toys, games targeted by age groups, Play Station 4, special children’s articles, Kid’s Welcome Pack.. and that’s just to start with!
Play, play and play
To play and learn with kids your own age is one of the most stimulating experiences for any child. And on holiday, kids have lots and lots of time to do just that.

The Camelot Club is designed so that children aged between 3 and 16 can have fun and enjoy themselves with different activities, playing with other kids of their own age, learning or investigating with their computers or, more simply, with their imagination. It is an activity area divided into three age groups: from 3 to 6, from 7 to 9 and from 10 to 16 years old, always supervised by our entertainment team.

The Camelot Club features: knowledge area with computers with Internet access and games; ball pool area; mini indoor football pitch; activity and work area; EyePlay and PlayStation 4...
Kid's restaurant
It's finger licking good!
Buffet restaurant for children with medieval décor and flair. A healthy and varied menu served by our entertainment team, with lots of different dishes so each kid can choose his or her favourite.

If your kids are aged between 4 and 12, you can accompany them and enjoy our exquisite dishes and desserts.
But if you prefer to do your own thing, you can leave the kids with us.
Our entertainment and supervision team will make sure they have everything they need. Will they gobble like Dragons or bite daintily like Fairies?

¡Avilable soon!

Pack "Hello Mummy"
Only the best, just when you need it
You’ve just become a mum and need the very best care.
Massages, fitness and sound advice to recover are waiting for you in Dream Gran Castillo Hotel if you wish.
Come with your baby. Here, you are the real Royalty… The “Hello, Mummy” Pack includes: free daily access to the Vitanova Spa circuit; three 20 minute massages for every seven nights’ stay in the hotel; Welcome Pack in the room for recent mums; an hour of fitness especially designed to help you recover your figure; 20 minute swimming classes for you and your baby in our exclusive baby pool supervised by trained staff; medical assistance – paediatricians and gynaecologists – in case of need and according to the terms of your health insurance; two hours of nursery every day so you can just do your own thing.

¡Avilable soon!

Baby Club
Relax. Forget about the world.
Read, stroll along the beach, lie on a sun bed listening to relaxing music or swim in the pool.
Do whatever you want.
Your baby is well taken care of and happy.
The Baby Club, open 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, is a childcare service where toddlers aged between 6 months and 3 years will feel well looked after by our qualified staff for a maximum time of two hours per day.
You have two hours to yourself.
120 minutes for you alone.

¡Avilable soon!
Junior Spa
Just look at my nails!
Just look at my nails!
A Spa for kids, because they also want to relax and forget about their homework, their tests, early rising, cold and monotony.

Accompanied by mum or dad, the Spa circuit is adapted to their age group, and manicure or pedicure for the most elegant misses of the pool. It's just that being a Princess in Gran Castillo Hotel is extremely hard work!!!!

Open from 12 pm to 2 pm
Kids Adventure Room
Just for us!
Just like you, in Dream Gran Castillo Hotel, the younger members of the household also have their own exclusive areas. The Kids Adventure Room is a large room decorated and furnished for a maximum of 8 kids aged between 4 and 12, tended by our entertainment and supervision team. This is where your children can play and have fun while you relax with your partner and enjoy a romantic dinner or a stroll along the beach. This service is available daily until 11 at night. And if dinner takes longer, you can also leave them there overnight.

¡Avilable soon!
Mixed zone
All rolled into one and very, very happy
Kings and Queens sometimes need to be close to their little Princes and Princesses… the Mixed Zone of Dream Gran Castillo Hotel allows parents and children to enjoy their holidays together, everyone doing what they like best.

That’s why it features, in the same area, 3 swimming pools with bar for adults and a mini pool for the youngest members of the family. So, you can watch your children play and have fun while you relax, sipping a drink, swimming, reading or basking in the sun. There are also Asian and Italian themed restaurants available.
Chill-out Area
In Dream Gran Castillo Hotel there are exclusive Adults Only areas. Quiet zones where you can relax and disconnect, without noise, shouting and loud music, just soft chill-out sounds, Bali beds to lie down and think about nothing, and a swimming pool complete with Jacuzzi. Do you want a cocktail or a cold, refreshing drink? Order whatever you want in our exclusive bar. You’ll be back.
Sansofé Restaurant
Shall we start with a Chardonnay?
Or do you prefer a Ribera del Duero? Sansofé Restaurant, with exclusive access for adults, opens in the evenings from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., from Mondays to Fridays.

Our exquisite dish list features a discerning culinary selection, with deliciously prepared fresh products of the highest standards, as well as an excellent wine list. A mild breeze, soft music and a service worthy of Kings, this is a heavenly and romantic spot to enjoy with your loved one.
Romantic Dinner
First Date
A toast to you
Good wine, soft music, candles, exquisite service and the best à la carte menu in the Sansofé restaurant to celebrate that you’re alone, at last!
The First Date romantic dinner at the Sansofé adults only restaurant, is a meal just for you, without stress, worries or haste. Because, if you have children, the hotel’s qualified staff will make sure that they are well taken care of, with full stomachs and happy while they wait for you in the Mini Disco.

Take your time, there’s no hurry until eleven at night. And if dinner takes longer, your children can stay overnight in the Kids Adventure Room, decorated to ensure they have sweet dreams.

¡Avilable soon!
Premium All-inclusive
You want it all
No more calls or meetings; no more traffic jams, hurry, stress, worries or obligations. Kings and Queens need to rest. At last, the time has come. You have a few days to yourselves. And because we know you only want the best, we offer you the Premium All-Inclusive package. For just a little more, you will enjoy the best service and treatment:

    -Exclusive reception area for check-in and check-out
    -Nespresso machine and kettle in the room
    -Exclusive bath robes and towels
    -Foremost brand alcoholic drinks
    -List of Premium wines available during all meals
    -Free daily access to Vitanova Spa
    -A daily 20 minute massage for a 7 night stay
    -Exclusive access to the Adult Zone with Bali beds
    -First Date romantic dinner and lots, lots more
Bali beds
Just lie back and think of nothing
Dream Gran Castillo Hotel makes sure that you feel really well. In the spacious and comfortable teak Bali beds in the adults only area, with curtains if you need privacy, you can read, sleep, sunbathe or simply do nothing while you sip a delicious cocktail, soft drink or fruit juice. Can you hear it? It’s the sound of the sea.

And if you feel very hot, take a dip in our crystal clear pool. No doubt about it, you won’t be going anywhere in a long while.
Vitanova Spa
Massage for two?
First, a massage and a facial treatment, followed by a thermal spa circuit. And to finish, a fruit juice. Without realising, the morning has flown.

The Vitanova Health Centre of Dream Gran Castillo Hotel is considered one of the top and best-equipped health and beauty centres of southern Lanzarote. More than 500 square metres to revitalise the body and soul just a few steps from your bed.

Featuring thermal waters, aroma therapy, saunas, Jacuzzis, fitness area and beauty salon with a wide range of face and body treatments, open daily from 12 noon to 8 p.m. Yes, you’re finally on holiday.
Cine 5D
Want even more thrills?
Right then, let’s surprise you a little bit more.

Sit down and live it to the full.

Listen, vibrate, jump, shout and even ‘touch’. Surround your senses in our 5D cinema experience. Because the magic in Hotel Dream Gran Castillo never ends, we offer you advanced technology, totally embracing audio and the most realistic effects and sensations, so that you enjoy a unique experience with all the family.

The new 5D cinema screens are available from November in our hotel. You really shouldn’t miss it.

¡Avilable soon!